Malka runs a series of workshops to help producers and sound designers alike develop their ear and hands-on skills to create engaging, robust, and experiential audio projects. The workshops can be combined into a longer course or conducted individually and tailored to your institutions and attendees skill level and needs.


sound design for audio narrative: cinematography for your ears

this comprehensive workshop will take you through the theory and practice of sound design. With a detectives-eye survey, attendees will learn to deep listen to different forms of audio narratives (including documentary, fiction, traditional and experimental audio drama, and sound art) and understand from the inside-out how sound design is essential to world-building and story mechanics.

How can you become a better listener and producer of your own work? in this workshop you will learn and practice how to create 3d dimensional spaces, how to effectively mix and eq your stories, what are sound fx good for (and when they are too much!).

For people with musical backgrounds, this workshop will help you apply your skills into the realm of storytelling and for those coming from a writing background, you will learn to enrich your stories by thinking about them musically.

how to score

In this workshop, you will learn how to decide what kind of music you need, where to place it in your story for maximum effect and how to source it whether you are looking for a music library within your budget, or working directly with a composer.

how to listen

What makes a story sonically rich? what are intentional scoring and sound design choices and when is it ‘fluff’? When you deepen your listening skills, your experience of narrative audio, films and media will become much richer. This is a crucial skill for any producer telling stories in audio-only mediums.